There is today an unprecedented movement of people in the world.  Every year tens of thousands of people are relocating to other countries for work, study, or other reasons. They are living among us, some staying for a few months, others for a few years and some remaining permanently. They leave behind their homes, families, friends and everything with which they are familiar, and are faced with making sense of their life in a new place. Experience shows that during such times of transition people are more open to considering new ideas.  Many of their previous values and beliefs come into question. Most have a deep need for new relationships with people who will care for them and become a part of their lives.

This movement of people represents a great opportunity for the Christian church in the places where these people are moving. Christians can reach out with love and care to those who are lonely and struggling. Churches can be welcoming communities for those who are grieving loss and acclimating to a new life, providing opportunities to share the message of the gospel of hope to many who have never heard it before.